Title: The Magic of Friendship, By: Subhash Kommuru – Book Review

The Magic of Friendship is often a delightful allegorical story about a gander that tells his juvenile son about a fierce tiger that incurs worry among every one of the creatures in the Tadoba Forest. Although the two get ready a time of celebration with other animals from the forest, they come about to fall upon a serendipitous object lesson. Incorporating themes of bullying and friendship amid the Indian culture, Kommuru’s current guide has excellent possible to connect with youngsters internationally.

Rising children’s author Kommuru, has developed a story that aptly reflects his promise to generally create sensible stories with some moral to them. Furthermore, Kommuru, in collaboration with graphic artist Ross, grabs the awareness of small viewers all-around the planet through the get go by initial introducing each kid’s very well-adored story characters: animals. Ross’s depictions deftly capture personalities that children can very easily associate with from the bullying Babbar (a tiger), the lighthearted but fearful Hasmukh (a donkey), the prankish Ullu (an owl), the wise Captain (a gander), along with the curious Chotu (his son).

Kommuru is usually a accurate storyteller. Written in 3rd person, he opens his narrative that has a conversation the Captain has with Chotu as they fly around, as an alternative to in excess of, the Tadoba Forest. Captain intends not merely to position out “the undisputed king of Tadoba,” but also to tell how he survived Babbar’s mighty roar. While youthful audience will swiftly identify the father-child romance between Captain and Chotu, and is going to be amused with Hasmukh’s and Ulle’s antics, they will probably be amused to learn which the Babbar incorporates a soft side to his ferocious persona. Even though holding his sentences brief, Kommuru’s narrative flows consistently amid characters engaged in conversation, in playful bantering, and in different humorous and really serious actions scenes.

Kommuru brings consideration to your problem of bullying, and particularly the bully, without at any time working with those phrases. The wildlife undoubtedly wish to keep clear of Babbar. Compared to Ross’s warm and humorous creatures, intended with soft, rounded lines with muted colours, Babbar’s sharp, distinct strains and bold hues make him look necessarily mean. Nevertheless it can be the Captain who sees correct via Babbar’s intimidating facade. He recognizes that although Babbar can get anything at all he needs, the reality is the fact that he’s sad. Kommuru indirectly raises the consciousness that bullies in actuality are fairly miserable people. Overpowering other individuals in the end won’t garner happiness. Kommuru balances his narrative by integrating an interesting and coronary heart-warming flip of occasions when Babbar ultimately builds a friendship with one from the least possible forest creatures.

Committed to introducing Indian culture into kids’s literature, Kommuru has set The Magic of Friendship within the cardiovascular India amid an imagined Tadoba Forest, which isn’t that farfetched through the real Tadoba National Park and Tiger Reserve near Maharashtra, India. Which includes other aspects of the region, including the banyan tree – its national tree, and Kojagiri, an Indian time period loosely associated to a celebration, Kommuru’s story opens options for youngsters to discover and inquire issues about a different portion with the earth.

Closing with a great moral that little ones will effortlessly have the option to figure out, The Magic of Friendship, is not only a fascinating go through. Wonderfully written with aptly complementing illustrations, it really is also a welcomed addition to little ones’s literature.