Thinking Beach Ball by Mike Hebert – A Review

If you’re searching for a book to make you consider your training as opposed to just something that provides you with a bunch of drills and also systems, then look no more than Thinking Volleyball by Mike Hebert. A 50-year volleyball professional, the lately retired Hebert offers his newest book as something he sees as at least trying to load the space he views in the coaching literary works when it involves discovering just how to think of volley ball and coaching.

The wide style of the book is preparing, willing, and able to believe beyond the traditional. That’s not as easy as being ALRIGHT with taking risks in exactly how you do things, though undoubtedly that’s a demand (Hebert considers himself something of a training radical). It most importantly requires actually recognizing what that conventional wisdom is, why it’s conventional, as well as its strengths as well as weaknesses.

There are 10 phases. One each is devoted to offensive and also defensive philosophy. These are the only 2 which could be identified as technical/tactical in nature, and also after that it’s not the main factor. The various other 8, in various ways, look at various aspects of mentoring – things like running a program, creating a design of play, fitness center culture, team count on, and also suit training.

Personal anecdotes are an usual attribute of Hebert’s writing, and also he’s got loads of product from which to function. They originate from his own playing days and all the major programs he’s coached. My one little criticism is that the tales are strongly prejudiced toward the positive as well as maybe a couple of failures could have been mixed in for balance. Let’s face it. Not every little thing works as intended and we coaches usually discover ourselves needing to identify how to recoup when that’s the case.

One of the a lot more fascinating elements of the book is the writer’s sights toward the modern focus on stats. This is both in terms of usual statistics and also points like the affordable cauldron. Hebert is a self-described early-career stats evangelist, but he’s pertained to examine their value relative to the quantity of time invested collecting them. Not that he discounts stats entirely, however he definitely asks the compromise question, and recommends a potentially better method of checking out things.

Opportunities are, at least one chapter in Assuming Volleyball will trigger you to think seriously regarding what you’re doing as a volley ball instructor. Hebert has applied his substantial experience as well as insight into a conversation of nearly every aspect of training volleyball you could think of, and also from all type of angles a lot of us will never ever have the possibility to check out directly. From that perspective, I would certainly suggest it for trains in all levels as well as careers stages.

John Forman, writer of the Training Beach ball blog, is a knowledgeable coach and program manager. He is currently Technical Supervisor for a juniors club in the US, where he oversees all training. John formerly coached professionally in Sweden, at the NCAA Department I as well as II degree, junior college volley ball and also at the Juniors and secondary school levels. He helped discovered as well as run 2 Juniors clubs and also functioned as local scheduler for girls’ Juniors. He is co-developer of the Beach ball Training Wizards task, which has created three top-selling publications.

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