The Iliad By Homer

When Paris, a Trojan royal prince abducted Helen from her spouse Menelaus, King of the Greeks, he must have expected the repercussions that his actions would certainly have. After all, Helen was an elegance unrivaled, referred to as having “the face that launched a thousand ships”. This activity brought about the Greeks salarying a decade long war on the Trojans, which even saw the gods taking sides: Zeus, King of the gods sustained the Trojans, while Poseidon, god of the sea took the side of the Greeks. The fights were bloody as well as remarkable, with the mighty Hector dealing with to protect the Kingdom of Troy against an intrusion led by the awesome Achilles. Countless lives were lost and all due to stunning Helen – as well as the men that might not bear to live without her.

Dated around 800 BC, The Iliad is an epic poem which offers an imaginary account of the occasions of the Trojan Battle. Authorship of The Iliad is attributed to Homer, an epic ancient Greek poet that is likewise thought to have created The Odyssey. One of the earliest jobs of western literature, The Iliad was applied as part of the old Greek dental practice of commemorating siren Athena’s birthday via song as well as incantation, and not as written poetry.

Probably that’s why the visitor is entrusted the feeling that this story would certainly have been best received by listening to Homer himself tell it, instead of by reading it. Centuries later on, The Iliad nevertheless stays a classic must-read for literature lovers the world over.

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