Book Review of Bridge Through The River Kwai

Pierre Boulle has produced a magnificent story. By using brevity and scene-progress, Boulle produced a palpable atmosphere to introduce his honorable, nonetheless flawed, World Struggle II characters. This ebook is so riveting and reads so nicely that I used to be in a position to end the 234 pages in a single day. I typically examine non-fiction Entire world War II books, my popular genre; but I feel this, my initially conflict fiction, is the most captivating ebook I’ve go through.

The author sets up his characters like chess pieces with a board. There is certainly no ambiguity in these characters. They are robust, practical, proud, and talented, but they surely have weaknesses. Those people weaknesses assist to condition a magnificent plot. The stuffy, self-righteous, British Colonel Nicholson is undoubtedly one of the most memorable, but flawed character I could picture. That character alone helps make Bridge Over The River Kwai a magnificently entertaining novel. But add Colonel Saito, the Japanese prison commander with an identical personality and you’ve a thrilling, intriguing plot – a plot with excellent tension and an entertaining and surprising end.

For each colonels, the dilemma presents itself throughout the novel. The dilemma: Which can be much more essential, honor or survival? Colonel Nicholson proudly and repeatedly dangers his very own daily life so as to keep his officers free from manual labor and accountable for their adult men. Colonel Saito provides up manage with the bridge construction so as to finish the project inside the timeline essential by his superiors. The Brit aids the enemy, but Saito loses his honor.

Understandably I liked the e book so much because the film, in fact titled Bridge To the River Kwai was my favored through childhood. It absolutely was the most effective motion picture I’ve previously observed and was very dynamic. I watched it through a time of my life when I used to be just learning about my father’s WW II activities on his C-47 throughout the China-Burma-India Campaign – throughout a time when I go through the letters about his brothers. Charles, the eldest brother was a prisoner in the Imperial Forces in the Philippines for 30 weeks soon after surviving the Bataan Passing away March and just before dying of malaria, dysentery, beriberi, injuries, and malnutrition aboard the Hokusen Maru. That freighter obtained previously carried coal and horses. Speck, the moment eldest brother survived fifty five bombing missions plus a crash landing in his B-17. Finally, Mel, the youngest brother survived 13 months and two escapes through the Nazi’s Stalag 7A. The understanding of all individuals functions contributed to my interest within the movie and in the end the ebook.

I can enthusiastically advocate this ebook to all audience of historical fiction and non-fiction alike!