Armageddon along with the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak – Book Review

A thrilling experience from the very first site…

Armageddon and also the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak can be a thrilling ride from the very first web page. This science fiction novel combines time journey, spiritual themes, a fascinating combine of characters and fashionable intrigue to make an ‘un-set-straight down-equipped’ novel.

We meet up with the CIA Director, Scott Cunningham, a former Navy SEAL, and his Assistant Lori Colbert, addressing a assembly following a terrible terrorists attacks. We also meet husband and spouse Kathy and Eric who are in Lhasa, Tibet, on a spiritual quest. Via Eric’s time travel, equally worlds intersect. Mardak’s premise through the novel is always that there “is really a spiritual universe, and mankind has the skill to rise right into a bigger level of consciousness wherever all conflicts can be resolved peacefully without the need of resorting to wars, or threatening a nuclear holocaust.”

Mardak’s Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is actually a research fiction novel, containing parts of time vacation. It really is collection in ‘the Present’ with a clear purpose of trying to reconcile what exactly is happening. There is usually a definite sense of excellent and negative in the novel. Mardak’s fascinating utilization of the scriptural characters of Paul and Silas to equally look at Christianity, and to alter the long run, is surely an astounding examine. How Mardak structures the novel is especially very well carried out, in order that the ending is each satisfying, works in a research fiction way, and races towards the end, all at when.

The novel examines the various tenets of your variety of the major religions (Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, and Judaism) making use of them as plot equipment: e.g. Paul’s Missionary Journey. This exploration of religion is fairly a wild journey, but really worth it.

The first third of your novel introduces us to the characters: for the CIA, the issues connected to Eric and Kathy, and on the Himalayan mystic Shimahn. This very first 3rd also introduces broader geopolitical difficulties, likewise as establishing the ‘four dimensional entire world of area time’. Inside 2nd portion in the novel the precise time vacation begins. We see its effects from Eric’s stage of view. He can be an involved participant. In this section Mardak can make beneficial use of construction to generate his level, but also to move the plot alongside. The survive 3rd in the novel brings all the things collectively: the time adjustments and also the new concepts and perspectives. There’s an ending which is in some ways surreal, and that is beautifully realized.

1 with the major themes of this guide is religion. It is really a fascinating e book since I imagine many individuals see Religions as getting “Truths” and this novel undoubtedly plays with several of those people. Any person who believes that the Bible is the written term of God can have a tough time with this novel. That stated, it truly is significantly from Mr. Mardak’s purpose to create any individual annoyed about this. I come to feel, really the contrary.

The novel discuses time travel and the way it might save the world. What variation would it make to warfare? Mardak also asks what sort of world are we creating? How will we cause and avoid nuclear holocaust? Armageddon and the 4th Timeline can also be about an perspective of aiding and working with each other to build adjust.

The relationships that happen to be explored in the novel illustrate personalized advancement and caring. Kathy and Eric, Colbert and Cunningham, Paul and Silas are all research in how we see, how we relate, and the way we will change. The aim in Armageddon along with the 4th Timeline is how this takes place.

A minor quibble in regards to the characters will be the character of Kathy. I did not really feel that she obtained very much to say for herself, and was a little much too passive for my liking. Eric, even so, is well penned and his romance with Kathy is nicely drawn. The CIA group are depicted as an excellent bunch. They sounded quite different to Eric and Kathy: they were fascinating and gun-ho. They ended up being very well drawn.

The scenes from the desert have been specifically evocative along with the associations depicted there, however brief, remind the reader that some from the central suggestions with the novel are romantic relationship and consciousness. The distinct families within the desert remind the reader that households have many diverse shapes. When it comes to diversity and households you’ll find a variety of families: Lori Colbert is actually a divorced mother, Kathy and Eric are actually married 7 many years and you will discover the families within the Sinai desert. There’s also the relationships involving Shimahn and Eric and Kathy, and in between Paul and Silas. Mardak also emphasizes diversity by depicting numerous religions and mixing all those religions in special means.

This novel runs along at a fast, quickly pace. At instances it fairly gallops. It has incredible strategies about time and space and can make the reader believe.

Armageddon along with the 4th Timeline includes a thoughtful objective, but is extremely readable and motion packed. Mardak’s plot is properly structured and he helps make excellent use of characters. From the initial “gloomy Thursday in Langley… ” (Ch. 1) I desired to study on, to find out what was happening, what was likely on. The research fiction genre helps make a twist which has a spectacularly beneficial ending. I’m happy to pace this novel as 4.five out of 5 stars.